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Golf Course Turf Management
Golf Course Management Programs
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Golf Courses Operational Assessments

  • Review Cultural and Best Management  Practice Programs
  • Determine Operation Staffing Levels and Efficiency
  • Determine how Effective are the use of Funds and other Assets
  • Develop and Manage Request for Proposals

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Parks Assessment

  • Assess the Level of Maintenance and Resulting Quality
  • Conduct a Review of Environmental and Safety Concerns
  • Return on Investment for Park Utilization and User Experience
  • Advise on the Development of Demonstration or Botanical Gardens

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Community Outreach & Training

  • Assist in the Development of Community Gardens
  • Provide Staff Training or Workshops for Mosquito Reduction
  • Assist in the Development of City or Community Composting Programs
  • Provide Project Management for City-Wide Community Programs

Tree Management Programs

  • Conduct a Review of Community Trees
  • Tree Preservation Programs for Historic and Development Impacted Trees
  • Develop a Tree Inventory and Management Plan
  • Provide On-Call Arborist Services
  • Expert Witness for Tree Liability Cases

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Water Management

  • Conduct Irrigation Audits and Develop Irrigation Schedules
  • Improve System-wide Irrigation Efficiency and Water Conservation
  • Assist Clients in Reaching Compliance with Irrigation Regulations
  • Measure and Monitor Irrigation Water Quality

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Project Management

  • Provides Management and Coordination for Projects that Involve Government Agencies, Municipalities, Industry Associations, and the Private Sector
  • Provides Management and Coordination for University Projects
  • Assists Clients with Grant Writing and Project Development
  • Develop Project Procedures and Specifications for Clients
  • Write Requests for Proposals and Manage the Contractor Selection Process

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William Baker and Associates LLC (WBA) provides professional consulting services and project management services to all segments of the Green Industry.  Specialties include Urban Trees, Parks and Golf Courses.  Senior Staff Consultants and Project Managers for WBA are certified, licensed, or otherwise credentialed in Green Industry disciplines.