mosquito abatement

Mosquito Abatement

William Baker and Associates LLC (WBA) are developing mosquito abatement programs for preferred clients. Elements of the program include methods for controlling mosquitoes and the associated risks, teaching staff to recognize mosquito habitat and infestations, holding open meetings to increase public awareness of West Nile Virus and other mosquito-related diseases, and assisting staff in locating qualified companies for contract applications of pesticides approved for mosquito control through the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR).

Program Development:
  • WBA will provide a written abatement program that attacks mosquitoes on several levels. These control methods include reduction of breeding areas, monitoring for infestations, instituting the relatively safer biological controls whenever feasible, and the minimal use of the least toxic pesticides that will give effective control of mosquito adults and mosquito larvae. WBA can provide written recommendations for pesticide applications when it is determined to be the best option.
  • Staff training will be conducted on how to recognize and reduce mosquito habitat on an ongoing basis. If the client chooses to have staff apply their own materials, then WBA can provide training for that. If contracting it out is a better option, then WBA can assist the client in locating qualified and properly licensed companies. In either case WBA can advise on notification of pesticide applications to residents and others in the area, pesticide materials storage, record keeping, and correct reporting procedures.
  • WBA specializes in training programs particularly with parks staffs, public works staffs, golf course staffs, and others in the landscape and green industry. Additionally, WBA personnel have recently conducted 35 separate workshops for industry professionals, with at least 10 more in the planning stages. WBA staff is involved in the development of regional or annual conferences that often have several hundred attendees. WBA is well qualified to conduct large public meetings or informational workshops related to mosquito control and the West Nile Virus.
  • WBA will provide follow-up site visits and reports to measure the program’s success. The program and its guidelines can be amended periodically to address changes in the risk of mosquito transmittable dis- eases, changes in mosquito control methods or technologies, changes in State policies regarding mosquitoes and related diseases, and/or changes in the State or Federal laws and regulations.
Contact William Baker and Associates LLC for a free estimate for developing a mosquito abatement program for your property or community at 951.741.0443.
Water Smart Parks Consulting

Water-Smart Renovation Project in Capitol Park

Capitol Park is the oldest arboretum west of the Mississippi River. It sets on 40 acres that surround the Capitol. It has been called “California’s front yard”. It was founded in 1860. It contains over 1,000 trees. Many of them are historic icons. Some were removed from Civil War Battlefields and replanted in the Park. Located on the Park grounds are over 150 monuments relating to significant events and people involving California. The World Peace Rose Garden is one of the finest in the country. It is considered the official park of California. It is worth taking the time to tour these historic grounds.

William Baker and Associates LLC (WBA) have been consultants in the Park for over 15 years. The company Principal, William Baker, co-authored the “CAPITOL PARK TRAINING MANUAL – Descriptions and Guidelines for Horticultural Practices”. We continue to provide advice and training to Park staff, and maintain a research site on the grounds. The research is part of a study funded by the Dept. of Water Resources and managed by the University of California. WBA is the contractor on the project. Previous studies in the Park that involved WBA include an organic mulch demonstration site.

The California Department of General Services (DGS) has just initiated a new Water-Smart Renovation project in Capitol Park. A mulching demonstration site has been installed on the East steps of the Capitol. This location will be highly visible to the more than one million visitors that come to the Park each year. It is the first step towards the removal of 76,000 square feet of turfgrass. Further improvements include the creation of a drought-tolerant demonstration garden and a park-wide efficiency audit of the irrigation system. If funding is approved, a new irrigation system could be installed and operational by 2018. It would be designed to utilize recycled water.