Golf Course Management, Large Landscapes, City Parks Departments & Community Assoc


Golf Course ManagementWilliam Baker, WBA Principal, has been active in the Green Industry for over three decades, frequently taking leadership roles in several of the Industry’s professional associations.  He is a past president of four separate Industry-related associations and has served as an officer and director of others. Bill has authored over 50 articles for industry publications.  He has participated as a guest speaker, trainer, and facilitator at numerous seminars and conferences.

William Baker & Associates LLC (WBA) provides management and coordination for projects that involve government agencies, municipalities, industry associations, and the private sector.  We offer a comprehensive review of golf courses, large landscapes, community associations and city parks departments.  The firm provides support in making necessary alterations in both management and cultural practices.

He serves as the Consultant for all Green Industry Certification Programs at University of California Extension at Riverside.   He was instrumental in developing the original programs and has provided instruction in numerous classes.  He develops one-day seminars, and training institutes that run from one to two weeks in length.



Some Of Our Clients Include:
 University of California, Riverside  City of Bellevue, Washington  Red Hawk Golf Club
 California State Parks  Walt Disney  Los Serranos Country Club