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Golf Course Assessments For The Price Of $4950

William Baker & Associates LLC is offering golf course assessments for the price of a fertilizer application for a limited time only. This includes a comprehensive review and detailed report of all agronomic and operational activities related to golf course management. Categories of inspection include staffing levels, training, operational efficiency, course conditioning, budget comparisons and […]

What Does an HOA Landscape Assessment Entail?

In order to conduct a thorough, comprehensive HOA landscape review, WBA performs an assessment of all aspects of the landscape, assuring there is operational efficiency and value received for money spent.  This includes, but does not limit turf, trees, slopes, gardens, landscape maintenance operations, small equipment repair services, irrigation evaluation, soil and water analysis, pesticide […]

Irrigation Efficiency Study

William Baker and Associates LLC is the contractor for an irrigation efficiency study that includes over 30 sites located across six geographic and climatic regions of California. It is sponsored by the Department of Water Resources and administered by  the University of California.  It is titled the Evapotranspiration Adjustment Factor Study and its objective is […]