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California’s Groundwater

The management and preservation of Groundwater has become an urgent topic in California’s water plan. Groundwater provides an important adjunct to the State’s rainfall, snow melt, and Colorado River import. As with surface storage, underground reservoirs have the potential to store huge volumes of water that can be relatively easily accessed. According to the California […]

Water Audits Procedures

WBA conducts water audits for all sizes of turfgrass and landscape. A client can expect the following steps to be completed and a detailed compilation of reports to be submitted. Initial Visit An initial visit to the designated area will be done; meeting with the superintendent and maintenance staff. An area will be selected to […]

Irrigation Water Quality

A thorough understanding of irrigation water quality is very important to the successful management of turf sites. Understanding such major water quality factors as pH, nutrient content, alkalinity, salinity and the concentration of elements and compounds toxic to turf is crucial when developing cultural practices programs. Information regarding irrigation water quality is also very important […]

Why Smart Controllers Rock

By Lori D. Palmquist, CID, CIC, CLIA, CLWM Smart irrigation controllers rock! How do I know? I’ve installed 30 of them (12 different models), and I’m seeing terrific results. On the average, I’ve seen them lower water consumption by 40 percent. Smart controllers, also known as ET controllers and weather-based controllers, respond to daily changes […]

Water-Smart Renovation Project in Capitol Park

Capitol Park is the oldest arboretum west of the Mississippi River. It sets on 40 acres that surround the Capitol. It has been called “California’s front yard”. It was founded in 1860. It contains over 1,000 trees. Many of them are historic icons. Some were removed from Civil War Battlefields and replanted in the Park. […]