Irrigation Water Quality

A thorough understanding of irrigation water quality is very important to the successful management of turf sites. Understanding such major water quality factors as pH, nutrient content, alkalinity, salinity and the concentration of elements and compounds toxic to turf is crucial when developing cultural practices programs. Information regarding irrigation water quality is also very important […]


Golf in Cuba: Part II

Written by William Baker, WBA Principal. Cubans who are involved in the country’s very limited golf industry have high hopes for the future. There are suggestions that up to 20 new golf course could be built along the north-facing shores of the island. In other words, those locations closest to Miami and other regions of the […]

Technical Feasibility of a Project

Golf In Cuba: Part I

Written by William Baker, WBA Principal. There is only one 18 hole golf course in Cuba. It is located in the tourist zone of Varadero, about a two-hour drive from Havana. It is a great layout. The course opened in 1933, as part of the private estate of French American millionaire Irenee Dupont de Nemours. […]

mosquito abatement

Mosquito Abatement

William Baker and Associates LLC (WBA) are developing mosquito abatement programs for preferred clients. Elements of the program include methods for controlling mosquitoes and the associated risks, teaching staff to recognize mosquito habitat and infestations, holding open meetings to increase public awareness of West Nile Virus and other mosquito-related diseases, and assisting staff in locating […]