California Golf Course ReviewThe DPR Spanish Grant was meant to recruit a minimum of 200 Spanish-speaking landscapers employed in Southern California. These landscapers were called to participate in focus groups. In addition,  to complete a ‘pre’ workshop/hands-on training subject matter assessment. A subset of 20 of the landscapers in attendance also participated in individual interviews.

One objective of the focus group was to assess and record overall theme responses of focus groups. In addition, one-on-one interviews and score ‘pre’ workshop/hands-on training subject matter assessments.

The focus group had many goals. One major goal was to develop content for educational training sessions. These sessions were based on the result of focus groups/individual interviews and ‘pre’ assessments.

Another target of the focus group was to provide classroom and hands-on training. This training was supplied to a minimum of 400 Spanish-speaking landscapers. Landscapers were chosen based on results of focus groups/individual interviews followed by ‘post’ workshop subject matter assessments.

Evaluate ‘post’ subject matter assessments of workshop participants within two weeks of each workshop to allow us to strengthen remaining training sessions by augmenting subject matter found to be weak.

Determine change in pesticide application by program participants 3 months after workshop/hands-on training.


OSHA – Safety & Health – Landscaping

California Golf Course Review

California Golf Course Review