Golf Course Review CaliforniaGolf Course Assessment, Consulting, and Training

William Baker and Associates LLC offer a comprehensive review of golf courses and provide support in making alterations as necessary to the course conditioning and course maintenance operations. The golf course program involves reviewing both the problems, and the opportunities, that are directly related to the physical elements of golf courses and their infrastructure. Additionally, the efficiency and the effectiveness of the golf course maintenance will be measured and conveyed in periodic meetings and a detailed written report.

Operational corrective measures and training can be initiated while the assessment program is ongoing. This program is designed to improve the golf course from the ground up. It will also help Club officials and staff to understand what changes and improvements can truly be made without undue risk and unreasonable expense. It will define where the departmental resources and budget are actually being spent, and if that represents a good value.

Golf Course Irrigation Audit Example

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Golf Course Review California